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Taken by Kennedy Crissinger

You've said yes to your person!
Now what?

Congrats on getting engaged! You've got a million things to plan, everything is expensive and the hell are you supposed to pick a photographer? 

Call me biased, but choosing a photographer is seriously important. You're going to have these photos for the rest of your life. They'll go on Christmas cards, become instagram posts, live in photo albums, in frames on your walls, and in your heart every time you look back on that day. I'm so happy you're considering me to be part of it. You make the magic, I'll make sure it's captured forever. Let's do this thing.


No two couples are the same so every couple deserves to have their own unique + special experience to celebrate their love story. Whatever a perfect wedding day looks like to you and your partner, full of tradition or tradition be damned, I'm ready to celebrate exactly who you are. 

First things first, I need to know about YOU. For me, photography is about the connection I can make with my people. My people are the joyfully in love, the goofy, the expressive. My people can be the quietly in love, holding hands in a coffee shop, or getting in a shouting match about who loves each other more. It's not about how loud you are; it's about how loud your love for each other is. My people are seriously in love with their partner and seriously excited about their future together. They see the photos we make together for the art it is, something they'll cherish long past their wedding day.


When I'm with my people, I'm home. And I promise to make you feel at home too. I provide my people an incredibly memorable time, through genuine friendship and through pictures, both lasting a lifetime.

After you inquire through my contact page, we'll jump on a call or a video chat (so my face can see your face and we can smile at each other SO MUCH), to talk about you and your love and all the things you're looking forward to in your wedding journey. 

Once we decide we're a perfect fit for each other, we get you in the books! I require a 25% deposit on the day of booking to hold your date and cover your complimentary engagement session; the remainder is paid 30 days before the wedding. I'll get a contract to you to sign and then we pal around like the soon to be lifelong friends we were always meant to be. Get ready for so many DMs on Instagram (sorry not sorry).

Then we'll get together for an engagement shoot!!! Walk around downtown, take flash photos at your favorite bar or we'll head to an art gallery - whatever feels like you. During your shoot, I'll get to know you two even more - how you goof off, how you kiss, and how you make each other smile. Yes - I will tell you what to do with your face and where to put your hands. You'll kill it and they'll look amazing. 

Then you get to do the damn thing! And I get to do my thing, which is to make you feel like rockstars and models who are in love and shit. But know I'm doing more than that, noticing more than that. I'm sneaking pictures of your dad playing with your flower girl or the way your groomsmen are droppin' it like it's hot on the dance floor. I'll be fluffing your dress, corralling family members to group photos, putting extra tissues next to mom's chair before the ceremony. After the best day ever together, I send you sneak peaks within 1 week of your happy day, then a full gallery in 6-12 weeks, and y'all live happily ever after! 

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