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So you're engaged! You've got a million things to plan, everything is expensive and the hell are you supposed to pick a photographer? 

Choosing a photographer is important. You're going to have these photos for the rest of your life. They'll go on Christmas cards, become instagram posts, live in photo albums and in your heart every time you look back on that day. I'm so happy you're considering me. You make the magic, I'll make sure it's captured forever. 

You're ready to walk down the aisle. That's so exciting!


No two couples are the same and each couple deserves to have their own, unique experience. I have three packages that can be customized and tailored to your perfect day.

So let's get cozy.

First things first, I need to know about you. For me, photography is about the connection I can make with my people and provide them an incredibly memorable time, through genuine friendship and through pictures, both lasting a lifetime.

Once we decide we're a perfect fit for each other, we get you in the books. I require a 25% deposit on the day of booking and the remainder paid 30 days before the wedding. I'll get a contract to you to sign and then we pal around like the soon to be lifelong friends we are. 

Then we'll get together for an engagement shoot. Bring a case of Busch Light and a pizza or we'll head to an art gallery - whatever is more you! During your shoot, I'll get to know you two even more - how you goof off, how you kiss, and how you make each other smile. You'll kill it and they'll look amazing. 

Then you get to do the damn thing! And I get to do my thing, which is to make you feel like rockstars and models who are in love and shit. Plus fluff the dress, carry flowers, corral family members to group photos, and sneak you some champagne. I send sneak peaks within 48 hours, then a full gallery in 4-8 weeks, and y'all live happily ever after! 

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